Advantages And Disadvantages of Windows 8


Advantages And Weakness of Windows 8 | Before using the operating system on this one, it is better you to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8 operating system which is the latest. Here I will discuss a little pros and cons of Windows 8.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Windows 8

Advantages / Pros:

1. Optimized for the touch screen
Windows 8, the interface dubbed Metro, is really optimized for touch interface with Windows Phone style form.

2. Supports ARM chip
Windows 8 supports devices using ARM chips infrastructure. It is expected to extend the reach of Windows 8 in the tablet arena, given that most currently available tablets using ARM chips.

3. Having a short boot time
Windows 8 Boot in the demo only lasts 8 seconds. A much shorter time than in previous versions of Windows booting.

4. Windows 8 does not require a PC upgrade
Microsoft says a computer that can run Windows 7 can also run Windows 8 so that the users do not need to upgrade your PC. According to Microsoft, Intel Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM is enough to run this OS

5. Windows Store app store
Windows 8 will have its own application store called Windows Store. Windows Store provides a wide range of applications that are optimized for Windows 8.

6. Supports NFC (Near Field Communications)

Windows 8 will support NFC, a technology that their role, among others for financial transactions digitally. Windows 8 tablet taking was likely to automatically include this feature.

Disadvantages / Cons:

1. Overlap between Metro UI and Aero UI.
Developers find the constant change that occurs between the tile-based Metro UI and glassy Aero UI. It is considered unreasonable and very confusing. Switching from Metro applications and desktop applications is very difficult.

2. There is no option to turn tiles into icons.
The smallest size of the tiles, zoom is still too big. When we install a lot of applications will then screen the Metro will look chaotic.

3. It is difficult to move between screens.
The absence of such a function Alt-Tab while working with the desktop and keyboard to switch from one app to another app might be a very difficult thing. Instead, on the Windows 8 Metro UI we can not use the pointer or finder to put the screen on the left side and drag. It sounds so trivial, but problems will arise when we are working with many applications. There is no quick and easy way to switch between applications. If you move the mouse to the left then the icon will pops up. And if it is not right then we have to click several times, or try again.

4. Metro multitasking.
If my friend uses Metro application (for tablets) in Windows 8, the screen will display two applications are lined. For starters it would not be a big deal. But for advanced users, the ability of Metro to multitasking just for the two applications is a fatal weakness.

5. Metro.

Metro is able to work well on tablets but the UI is not very compatible when used on the desktop. Hard to do for my friend who use Notebook. So that by default Windows 8 could not boot to the Metro UI. In other words, Microsoft needs to provide kill-switch to turn off the Metro UI.

6. Flash content on the Tablet PC.
Apparently Microsoft is deliberately making Windows 8 can not support Flash content on Tablet PC. The reason Microsoft is doing this is to save battery Tablet. It also can protect our privacy and enhance security Tablet. This is because in some applications, and other electronic devices, the use of Flash content even cause data damage or crash.

Maybe that's what I can tell to my friend all, may be useful. If there are things wrong, maybe you can tell by comments :p 
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May 8, 2013 at 5:20 PM

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